Meet The Team

Our Staffordshire Motorcycle Focus Group are volunteers who are involved in deciding what and how initiatives are developed, to reduce motorcycle casualties, through publicity, training and engagement. The volunteer group are heavily involved at the events; the Bikers’ Breakfast events would not happen without the support given by the team.

The Staffs Biker team consists of

  • Kevin Wilcox – Staffs CC Road Safety Officer
  • Aaron Newman – Young Rider
  • Adrienne Evetts -Lady Bikers’ Group
  • Alan Prosser -Young Rider Group and Pre-CBT Workshop presenter
  • Annmarie Wherton-Whitehurst – Lady Bikers’ Group
  • Ant Newman -Involved with the Young Rider Group
  • Bill Hollingshead – IAM, Photographer and long-time supporter of the group
  • Carol Finlayson – Lady Bikers’ Group
  • Chris Clegg – Rider Development and BikeSense Instructor
  • Cindi Paines – Lady Bikers’ Group
  • Colin Brown – MAG Rep & involved with many groups
  • Dave Cruxton – Pre-CBT Workshop Presenter
  • Dave Lewis – Biker Awareness Group and RoSPA Instructor
  • David Eivers – Pre-CBT Workshop Presenter
  • Ian Maddock – Website Development & Pre-CBT Workshop Presenter
  • Janet Peters – Lady Bikers’ Group
  • John McCoskry – Biker Awareness Group
  • Judy Richter – First Aid Trainer and Lady Biker Group
  • Ken Gratton – DVSA Trainer & BikeSense Instructor
  • Kev Scott – Pre-CBT Workshop Presenter and involved with many groups
  • Lucia McIntyre – Lady Bikers’ Group
  • Mark Hucker – Young Rider Group member
  • Martin Bishop – Long-time supporter of the group
  • Martin Ellerton – BikeSense Instructor
  • Matt Paines – Group Social Media Analyst
  • Maxine Holliday – Lady Bikers’ Group
  • Paul Butterworth – DVSA Trainer & BikeSense Instructor
  • Pauline Gale – Biker Events Group member
  • Theresa Benton – Lady Bikers’ Group

If you are interested in joining the Staffordshire Motorcycle Focus Group and have input into what we do or would like to volunteer to support our events, then contact us at or call Kevin on 07855 336922.

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