Staffordshire Rider Development Pathway

The aim of the Staffordshire Rider Development Pathway is to reduce the number of motorcycle casualties on Staffordshire’s roads by providing an assessment, appropriate instruction to enable motorcyclists to improve their riding skills, competence, and road safety awareness. Every rider can learn more by taking further training, and it starts before you do your CBT.

The pathway includes:

  • Pre CBT
    A workshop-based scheme that includes plenty of information to support young
    riders at the start of their biking life and offers £50 off their CBT.
  • Bikesafe
    The scheme consists of a presentation and a one-to-one assessed ride, followed
    by constructive feedback to help the rider to develop their skills.
  • BikeSense
    BikeSense is a rider development scheme for full motorcycle licence holders
    designed to improve the motorcyclist’s riding skills through assessment and
    appropriate remedial and developmental training. The scheme provides specific
    instruction to cover areas such as hazard perception, reading the road, road
    handling, positioning, overtaking and defensive riding.
  • Advanced and Post Test Training
    Post-test training is designed for full-licence holders who would like to improve
    certain areas of their riding. A £50 subsidy is available for Staffordshire residents


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