Riding Tips

We’re always interested in your riding tips, if you have some why not submit your hints and tips by contacting us.

However, why not browse the sections we already have here on this site currently

  • Riding Plan
    Things to remember before you ride and what to keep in mind
  • Country Roads
    Things to remember in the countryside
  • In the Suburbs
    Things to remember in the residential areas, towns and inside the cities
  • Group Riding
    Tips for riding in a closed group to ensure everyone is safe and not left behind
  • Filtering
    If the roads are busy but there is space to get through on a bike
  • Pillion Passengers
    Increased responsibility of a rider that is carrying a passenger
  • Winter Riding tips
    Tips for riding during the winter months and how to keep warm during the cold snaps.
  • Riding in the rain
    Coping with the weather when you have to go out in the rain or on wet roads.

Tips for Newcomers, the less experienced and Younger riders

  • Riding tips (external)
    Tips page from our Staffs Young rider site, with additional tips suited for new riders of all ages


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