Ride it Right Routes

RIR MapIn Staffordshire we have a high level of motorcycle casualties due to the nature of our county being so rural. In 2006 Staffordshire County Council Road Safety introduced the ‘Ride it Right’ scheme to increase awareness of the stretches of road where we see most motorcycle casualties. Every year since its implementation we have seen a reduction in motorcycle casualties by up to 55% on the routes; some routes continue from year to year on the scheme, with most dropping out of the high priority status. The scheme includes the positioning of roadside signage on the high priority stretches of roads; these provide a reminder to bikers and car drivers alike to the dangers that these stretches of road pose. The signs are erected at Easter and remain in place until September; they have messages to warn car drivers such as ‘Think Bike’ or ‘Beware! Bikers’, and signs to warn bikers such as ‘Ride Safely’ or ‘Bikers Beware!’.

The maps shows where bikers have crashed along the routes over the past five years. So if you’re out and about and come across the signs please take extra care on these routes and keep yourself safe.

RIR SignsSigns have been positioned along the highway to raise awareness of the routes and the danger posed to motorcyclists. Drip mats can often be seen in pubs along the routes and sometimes leaflets are available, both along the route and in other outlets throughout the county, providing information on the ‘Ride it Right’ campaign.

You can find more information about the routes & the maps etc in the Staffordshire Bikers Booklet

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