Ride it Right Routes 2020

Recent analysis by SSRP has shown that the ‘Ride it Right’ routes have seen a 30% reduction in motorcycle casualties on the stretches of road where the yellow signs have been sited, since we introduced the scheme in 2006. This outweighs the reduction on other roads in the county. We promote the scheme to bikers and car drivers alike, but all road users have a responsibility to think safer when they see the signs to continue to support a reduction in motorcycle casualties. This year has seen  a new approach to the analysis which decides the routes we use. We have analysed all of Staffordshire’s roads based on ‘number of collisions per kilometre’ and a few other detailed measures, this has thrown up some radical routes, but as always, we are focusing on the areas that we need to target to reduce motorcycle casualties.RIR Signs
The maps shows where bikers have crashed along the routes over the past five years. So if you’re out and about and come across the signs please take extra care on these routes and keep yourself safe.

The 2020 routes are:

  • A5 Cannock to Weeford
  • A50 Stoke to Kidsgrove
  • A52 Newcastle to Werrington
  • A460 Rugeley to Wolverhampton
  • A514 Stafford to Tamworth
  • A5007 Fenton to Longton
  • A5272 Chell to Weston Coyney
  • B5051 Longport to Endon

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