Pillion Passengers

how_to-take-a-pillion-for-the-first-timeIt may seem obvious but carrying a pillion passenger at least doubles a riders responsibility. Anyone who elects to carry someone on the back seat of a motorcycle has an obligation to keep him or her safe. It is a responsibility that must never be taken lightly.


The legalities of carrying a passenger are essential knowledge for every rider.

  • A learner driver is not allowed to carry a pillion passenger.
  • A secure seating position is required. If a child cannot place their foot on the pegs it does not comply with the law. Kits are available to accommodate the length of children’s legs.
  • The rider is responsible for the safety of the passenger. This means if you are in an accident with a pillion passenger, they have the right to sue the rider if necessary.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the pillion passenger wears a correctly fitted and fastened helmet.
  • Some insurance companies don’t cover you for pillion passengers, so check your policy before carrying a pillion.
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