Group Riding Scheme

Some bikers become vulnerable when riding in small groups, and there is evidence of an
additional risk of collision when group riding. We want to keep everyone safe when riding
together, as different skill levels often put some riders at higher risk. We will be introducing a pilot scheme aimed at small groups of bikers riding together, which will explain safe group riding practices at a workshop, with each group deciding how they want to take this forward into their own group. This will be followed by a practical session, with support, then follow up workshops to discuss progress. We’d love to see lots of small groups coming along.

We will hopefully be running the pilot scheme in 2020, dependent on the easing of lockdown measures and the ability to run the workshops, rolling the full scheme out in 2021. If we do not get the opportunity to pilot the scheme in 2020, we plan to initiate the scheme in March 2021.

Workshop 1 will introduce clients to the safe techniques when riding in groups, as a presentation. Each group of friends will then break off to agree their own rules and present to the room.

A Practical Session will follow the first workshop, whereas each group will go on a short ride using their rules. They will be followed by an observer, who will feedback in the classroom when they return.

Workshop 2 will see all groups returning to discuss how their planned rules have been working.

Workshop 3 will see the end of the scheme for these groups, but hopefully not for the groups of friends.

We are looking for groups of 3-6 friends who ride together, who have differing riding abilities, and all would agree to attend the workshops to discuss their ride-outs and issues. If this is you, please contact us at or call Kevin on 07855 336922.

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