Focus Group and Volunteers

SSRP motorcycle casualty reduction is supported by a great team of volunteers, who get involved with many activities and events; without whom these would not happen. All members of the group have input into what we do to reduce casualties by attending the Motorcycle Focus Group and Sub Groups.

We have great volunteer support at the Bikers’ Breakfast events, Young Biker BBQ’s, Classic Bike Show, Biker Awareness events and Biker Meets. Our Pre-CBT Workshop presenters are also volunteers.

And the Motorcycle Focus Group is our ‘info share’ group, with all the work done at the six Sub Groups, which is are:

Biker Events – Marketing and engagement with bikers.

Biker Awareness – marketing and engagement with non-bikers.

Young Riders – all things to do with young riders.

Lady Bikers – all things to do with women riders.

Rider Development – BikeSense, BikeSafe, Group Riding Scheme etc.

Communications – websites, social media etc.

You can get involved by clicking here to express your interest

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