First Aid for Bikers courses.

FAB course for bikers who want first aid training tailored for bikers.

The First Aid for Bikers Course (FAB) was introduced into Staffordshire 2 years ago by SSRP, supported by Train Aid inc. who deliver in workplace first aid training and community first aid skill tuition. Judy, the trainer is also a biker of many years and has an excellent understanding
around dealing with a biker accident, including site management, and delivers the course in a biker- specific way.

2020 dates for courses

  • 24th September @ Stafford – (Covid safe environment)
    use the contact form below to book or find more information

If you wish to book in on a course or to contact Judy for more information,
please use the form below (bottom of the page).

All courses will run from 6.30pm to 9.30pm
FAB courses cost £10
If you qualify you will receive a validation certificate.

Why do you need to take a course?
A biker specific first aid course will give a biker or other individuals the skills needed so that they are able to assist another rider who may be injured in a fall or collision. Primarily aimed towards bikers who may ride out regularly with a fellow motorcyclist or people who are likely to arrive upon a scene where a biker has fallen, they will be able to attend to the patient and take on board specific issues like:

  • What to do if you are first on the scene
  • How to assess & manage an accident situation
  • Removing the rider’s helmet in the proper situation, the right manner and techniques
  • Where / how / who to look for help from what is around you
  • What to do in an accident situation eg if a person in unconscious
  • Moving & handling techniques when dealing with an injured person
  • How to put a casualty in the recovery position
  • How to perform basic CPR
  • Dealing with choking or other hazards affecting breathing
  • Correctly using a defibrillator
  • How to dress a wound or treat a broken bone until further help arrives
  • Handing over to the emergency services when they arrive

You can find more details about the course & TrainAid inc on their Facebook page


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