Cleaner Safer Highway

Cleaner Safer HighjwayStaffordshire County Council is working together with partners from the local district authorities, Staffordshire Police and the National Farmers Union to reduce the risk to motorcyclists from debris on the road caused by farmers, construction workers or any other body who is liable to deposit debris on the highway.
We have produced information for farmers and construction workers to explain their obligations in law to clean up any debris that is deposited on the highway.
We have also produced signage that is available free of charge to farmers who use ‘A’ or ‘B’ roads and are likely to deposit debris on the highway that could be a risk to motorcyclists.

Help us to help you

We need to know where the problem is, so whenever you come across debris on the road that could cause a danger to yourself or others please contact the Highways Hotline number and report it. You will then be supporting your fellow bikers and it means we can get it cleaned up more quickly. This will also allow us to identify those who deposit debris on the road and support them to maintain a safer highway for all.
If you would like a rubber key ring to remind you of the number then call us on 0300 111 8012.

                                                    The ‘Highways Hotline’ number is: 0300 111 8000

For more information call 0300 111 8012 or email:

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