Thousands attend Matlock Bath bikers’ protest

8 Mar

Thousands of bike enthusiasts from all over the country rode to biking ‘Mecca’ Matlock Bath on Sunday to protest against proposed parking charges.

Up to 4,000 bikers were thought to have made the trip to the picturesque Derbyshire Dales village, with many more spectators coming simply to witness the spectacle.

Derbyshire County Council want to impose a charge of 50 pence per hour on bikes as well as limiting the time they can use the spaces to two hours.

Protestor, John Tatton, who has been riding since 1967, said he comes to Matlock Bath from Nottingham about ten times a year on his 1300cc Honda Fury.

He said: “The shop owners are in uproar about the parking charges – they don’t want it and neither do we.

“None of the charges go back to the area anyway – it’s just a way of squeezing more money out of people.”

Another, Steve Palmer from Leicester, who comes to Matlock Bath every other Sunday, said: “There is a lot of feeling amongst the bikers for Matlock Bath but it feels like they don’t want us here.


“If the charges come in people will just bypass the village and it will take away all the life from it.”

And Paula Dyson, who runs the Ashdale Guest House on North Parade with her husband Shaun, said that while she could see the issue from both sides, she thought the bikers were an integral part of village life.

“Our son is a biker and we’ve had someone here today who has come from North Wales just for the protest.

“We moved here from Derby in January knowing it was a big biking place – it wouldn’t be the same without it.”
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Thwarting the Thieves

13 Aug

taggingYou’ve got to hand it to the industry for its drive to tackle bike theft. The MCIA reported recently that the simple tagging of new motorcycles by 11 of the main manufacturers had brought about a marked reduction in the number of stolen machines. “Tagged bikes four times less likely to be stolen”, the headline read in the May issue of BDN.

The story was based on the fact that since the January 2013 launch of the UK’s first national anti-theft initiative, the Master Security Scheme, only 403 of the 52,687 tagged motorcycles and scooters had been stolen.

“We are highly encouraged by the results we have seen so far,” said Steve Kenward, CEO of scheme member the MCIA.

Tagging clearly works!!!

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