Adventures of Biker Jack

Biker Jack‘The Adventures of Biker Jack’ is the title of Staffordshire Safer roads partnership’s young rider initiative.

The ideal starting place for junior riders. This incorporates a mobile app and series of videos starring Jack, Dev, Ange and Skidmark (God of Bikers). Delve into Jack’s mind as he takes you on a journey of the decisions of a young rider, which includes many pitfalls.

The free mobile app for iPhone and Android phones or tablet devices can be downloaded here or by searching for “Biker Jack” in your mobile device app store. It includes links to the videos, competitions and offers an has lots of useful tips for the young rider. It also has a useful ‘Accident Help’ page where you can get information on what to do in an accident, and allows you to store useful information for an emergency.

The videos will be released over a period of time, with each release being linked to a free competition, where you can win some stuff for you and your bike.

You can find out more about Biker Jack simply by visiting or searching social media for #bikerjack

You can view all the Biker Jack video’s by visiting Biker Jack’s YouTube Channel



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