Further and Advanced Training

There are many different motorcycle training packages to suit every type of rider. You may be newly qualified or returning to biking after a period of time away from the bike. Even if you’ve been riding for years there’s always something new to learn, a skill to refresh or a bad riding habit to break.

Below is a short overview help you find the right training to suit your needs:

Please note: the information below is not just relevant for Staffordshire, but national so if you are looking for other training & happened to of come across this page.  Simply use your web search engine to search for the organisation in your local area based on the information below.


Post test

Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)
The Enhanced Rider Scheme is a bespoke riding course Aimed at motorcyclists looking to take the step into advanced training, the Enhanced Rider Scheme created by the DVSA will up both your safety and enjoyment levels by taking your skills on to the next level. In addition to this, it can give you up to 20% discount on insurance premiums

Duration: Varies by rider. Can be completed in one day if there are no areas of concern or over a few days if the rider needs more tuition.
Cost: Varies from one instructor to another and your riding ability.

Contact your nearest instructor to discuss further or enter your postcode here to find a suitable instructor.


IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists)
The IAM offer a number of different training routes: On-road Training

1) Advanced Rider Course

Be one of the most skilled riders on the road with this on-road advanced motorcycling course delivered by qualified experts.

2) 2nd Category Advanced Rider

 Gain advanced rider status

Existing IAM members can gain our advanced rider membership category with this course.

3) Advanced Rider Course Gift Voucher

 A thoughtful gift.. advanced riding course as an attractive voucher pack for you to gift

Contact the IAM on 0300 303 1134 or visit iam.org.uk/riders to find out more details.


RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)
The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test is an on-road riding test covering as many different road types and traffic conditions as possible, from rural lanes to fast multi-lane roads or motorways.  Riders are awarded a bronze, silver or gold rating after the test. The Test must re-taken every three years in order to retain your award. This is free provided that the annual RoADAR subscription has been paid.

Contact RoSPA for more details by visiting www.rospa.com/safety-training/on-road/advanced/


Local training schemes
As well as national training schemes, there are many local other schemes delivered by local road safety teams.

Motorcycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA)
The MCITA provide useful hints and tips on choosing a trainer including what to look for and questions you might ask.



Pre test
You can also search for a local pre or post-test trainer in your local area. OR consider Pre CBT

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