We need your input.

28 Jun

It was great to see hundreds of bikers at the Port Vale Bikers’ Breakfast & we are looking forward to all of the events this year.

This year you may of noticed that we’re not burdening you by asking you to complete a questionnaire at the event, however we do leave you with a QR code and web address and ask you to complete the questionaire at your leisure.

This questionaire is important as it will help to keep these events running and to decide what we can do to keep bikers’ safe on the roads we need your feedback.  So it’s imperative that as many questionaires are completed over the summer as possible otherwise the events may not be able to continue next year, so if you enjoyed it, please let us know.

So if you came down to see us one Sunday please go on and complete it, it won’t take long. Here at www.staffsbiker.co.uk/bikerevents

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