Who are NABD?

13 Dec

Article submitted by Martin Bishop.

The NABD (National Association for Bikers with a Disability) is a charity registered in the UK and Scotland. The NABD gives technical advice and financial grants to help to adapt motorcycles, sidecars and trikes for use by disabled riders. It also gives advice on training and rider assessments. It owns a fleet of learner-legal motorcycles adapted for various disabilities, which it loans free of charge for training and tests. Due to its outstanding knowledge in the field the NABD is routinely consulted on issues relating to disabled motorcycling by the DVLA, DfT, VOSA, DSA

It was initially set up in April 1991 by six motorcyclists in Stockport and Manchester who would not accept the idea that disabled people could not ride motorcycles, scooters, or trikes. The initial project was to find a way to adapt a motorcycle for a rider who had suffered the amputation of his lower left leg in an accident. A fund raising party was organised and publicised locally and this prompted several other disabled people to contact the group asking whether it was possible for them also to ride motorcycles. Within 12 months the NABD had just over 100 members and had helped three disabled people to adapt motorcycles and ride independently. Each adaption had to be designed from scratch, the money raised and the engineering problems solved, but from this small beginning the NABD was later to become the World leader in motorcycling for disabled people.

The membership of the NABD has now grown to more than 8,000 individual members and has more than 130 affiliated clubs and businesses. Since its foundation the NABD has directly helped over ten thousand disabled people to enjoy the freedom and independence of motorcycling. Membership is open to all, disabled or not, motorcyclists or not. The charity is organised by motorcyclists for motorcyclists on a voluntary basis. This has allowed it to retain its record of having all donations given used for its work. The two administrative employees are paid from commercial sponsorship.

The main fund raising for the NABD is their annual rally “ You’ve Been Nabbed” , 2018’s edition is on the 11th-13th May at The Cheshire Show ground Jct 19 M6. www.nabd.org.uk

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