Some confusion…

We’ve seen a few messages & postings on social media from people saying or suggesting “the Bikers breakfast events are only for full licence holders” this however is simply not true.

The bikers breakfasts are open to all bikers regardless of license type or riding experience. We also welcome non bikers who are considering taking up motorcycling or people who are interested to find out more about what there is on offer to bikers with regards support & training etc before taking to the road.

I can confirm it seems much of this confusion stems from the statement on the posters & flyers etc which are saying “*full licence holders only” however please be reassured this only applies only for those who attend who wish to take a free rider assessment.  We welcome all bikers & passengers or even parents of learner riders who want to find out more about courses & training… part of the reason we hold numerous events it to promote young rider schemes such as Biker Jack aimed at learner riders.

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