Bikers Breakfast 2017 – Darlaston

Bikers Breakfasts continue at The Darlaston Inn Sunday 30th July 10am to 3pm.

please be aware this event is open to all Bikers & pillions of any age & ability. Learner riders are also welcome, we have seen some concerns on facebook that the events are only for full license holders but that’s not the case.  Young riders & learners can also find out what Biker Jack has been up to.

It’s a great place to ride to, a pub in the centre of a roundabout & a very prominent location on the A34 just on the approach to Stone

In addition to a free breakfast bap, anyone who attends also have the chance to win a kindle & other entrants can compete for a Think Bike mug by participating in the Buzz wire contest.  Don’t forget to pick up your updated biker booklet (2017 edition) as well as discovering what is happening with Biker Jack over the summer months.

Bikers Breakfast event details & discussions can also be found on Facebook by clicking here

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